Project References

Project References

  • Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai

NMC Provita1 International Medical Centre – Care And Rehabilitation, Al-Ain 2017

NMC Provita 2international Medical Centre –Care And Rehabilitation, Abu Dhabi

NMC Provita 3international Medical Centre –Care And Rehabilitation, Al Ain

NMC Provita 4international Medical Centre –Care And Rehabilitation, Abu Dhabi

Moon Flower Hospital 100 Beds

NMC Fakih IVF Centre Al-Ain

NMC Fakih IVF Centre

Western Region Abu Dhabi

NOVA Med Dubai Marina

NOVA Med Dubai

NOVA Med Dubai

Berlin Medical and Rehabilitation Centre

FARAH Rehabilitation Centre

The Health Medical Services

DMETCO Home Health Services

Al MADAR Medical Centre Al Ain

Look Wow Surgical Centre

Al Dhafra Sports Club Center

Al Hazem Private School